Support the community and fill your freezer with berries!

Stock the freezer with your favorite locally-sourced berries! Never picked early, these berries are harvested at the peak of ripeness and flash frozen into perfect individual berries.

They’re great for jam and preserves, smoothies, yogurt parfaits, salads, pies, waffle mix, mixed drinks?  … and anything else you’d like to put them in!

Our Frozen Berry Fundraiser is a great way to support your community. Every dollar we make is reinvested into the people and organizations of West Salem. In fact, the entire fundraiser is designed with community in mind; from our farmers at Willamette Valley Fruit Co to our teachers at SKPS and everywhere in between.

2019 Rotary of West Salem Scholarship Recipients


Questions and Answers

Q: Are these individual berries or frozen blobs of berries? 

A: Our berries are individually quick frozen (IQF), so they move around freely in their bag.

Q: How are they packaged?

A: Our berries are bagged, then boxed. The large 30lb box has one big bag in it. It’s perfect for re-bagging and sharing with friends. 

30lb berries come in a large bag.

Q: How much do they cost?

A: We have local berries in bulk. Our price-per-pound is very competitive and rivals that of warehouse stores like Costco- but bigger bags! 

Q: How do I get my berries after I order them?

A: We distribute the berries in the parking lot behind Roth’s in West Salem. Meet us there Thursday, February 17 from 3pm-6pm!

Q: Can I use them for jam?

A: the only difference from fresh berries for making jam is that the berries need to be thawed before processing.   

Questions: Call our Berry Phone at 503.364.9690




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