Rotary Berry Sale

2019 Fresh Berry Sale is NOW!

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Sliced strawberries can be ordered in both 15 lb and 30 lb buckets! We also have small buckets of- 

  • Blueberries (14 lb)
  • Marionberries (15 lb)
  • Raspberries (15 lb)

Last day of Sale: May 31st 2019

Pick-up location: Pick from one of nine pick-up locations. Visit this link for more details-

Pick-up date: To ensure that we provide the freshest product possible, pick up dates will be determined depending on peak dates for each berry.
  • All pick-ups will be on Thursdays
  • Strawberry pick-ups mid June
  • Marionberry and Raspberry pick-ups late June or early July
  • Blueberry pick-ups late July

Click here to order!

Questions: Call 503.364.9690

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