Rotary Berry Sale

Fresh Berry Sale!

THANK YOU for supporting us! When you buy fresh berries from West Salem Rotary, you’re also investing in your community. Here is how…

The berry sale is our club’s only fundraiser. 100% of our profits go to support our youth programs, scholarships and community projects. The sale is unique in that we sell large containers of FRESH, unsweetened berries, sourced from our local farmer, to you- and all proceeds go to our local causes!

How Does the Sale Work?

Our traditional fresh-picked berry sale is a pre-sale and has three main parts: Order, Pickup, Enjoy! First, you place your order. It is important to note that you’ll be asked to choose a pickup location. We have locations up and down the valley for your convenience so buy with confidence! Next, our grower then gives us pickup dates, weather dependent, and we communicate them to you via postcard and email. Last, we pick up the berries and deliver them to you at pickup sites the same day!

2018 Sale Timeline:

  • April 16 – SALE BEGINS! Online ordering goes live, order forms start hitting mailboxes, and the berry phone gets turned on to answer questions and take orders. Berry Phone: 503-364-9690
  • May 31 – SALES ARE CLOSED.  
  • June 14- Strawberry pick up at your designated site. Enjoy!
  • July 12- Raspberry and marionberry pick up at your designated site. Enjoy!
  • July 19- Blueberry pick up at your designated site. Enjoy!

Fresh Berry Container Sizes 

  • 30-lb. pail of strawberries = $55 (our most popular)

  • 15-lb. pail of strawberries = $40

  • 15-lb. pail of raspberries = $40

  • 15-lb. pail of marionberries = $40

  • 14-lb. pail of blueberries = $40

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these berries frozen?
A: No. These berries are picked, packaged and delivered to you fresh within 24 hours. 
Q: Is there any sugar added?
A: Never. All of our berries are rinsed, raw and ready for your family. 
Q: How are the berries packaged? 
A: All of our fresh berries come packaged in plastic pails. Our largest offering, the 30 lb strawberry comes in a lidded 5 gallon bucket. 
Q: How should I store my berries?
A: That depends on what you are going to do with them. Being that these are large quantities, you want to have a plan. Be sure that you’ll have available fridge or freezer space and cool the berries immediately after pickup. 
Q: What can I do with the berries? 
A: Great question. Due to their messy nature, our berries are often used as ingredients in jellies, jams, shortcakes, smoothies, pies, parfaits and many other tasty treats! 

Have a Question? Call the Berry Phone at (503) 364-9690


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