Rotary Berry Sale

Fresh Berry Sale for 2019 has concluded. Thanks for your orders!


Delivery for Marion Berries, Blue Berries, and Raspberries will be TUESDAY July 9. You will receive a post card and email to remind you of the delivery date that also includes the delivery location you picked and the types of berries you ordered. Due to the timing of the harvest, this is a different day of the week than we have traditionally had delivery, but this is to ensure the freshest product possible! Strawberry pick up was Thursday, June 13


In the event you are unable to pick up your berries, they will be available at Roth’s West Salem on Wallace Rd. until Thursday July 11 at 10 am.  Bring your receipt! After that they will be donated to charity.

Pick-up location: Pick from one of nine pick-up locations. Visit this link for more details-

Pick-up date: To ensure that we provide the freshest product possible, pick up dates will be determined depending on peak dates for each berry.

  • Strawberry pick-up was June 13

  • Marionberry, Raspberry, and Blue Berry pick-up will be July 9

Questions: Call 503.364.9690

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